All about Yogin’ it

The world needs YOU in your best version, your highest potential.

You lead a busy life and taking care of yourself is not always easy. It is a challenge to hit the yoga studio or gym regularly. You don’t like being rushed or led into postures you don’t like. You don’t like crowds or being judged. You want to build a home yoga practice but can’t find the motivation to do it by yourself. You know yoga would be good for you but you always find an excuse to avoid it. You’ve wanted to try yoga for a while but you don’t know where to start. You want to take care of yourself but get frustrated with ineffective, depriving diets... If you agree with some of these statements, then a home yoga practice with Yogin’ it will be perfect for you.

At Yogin' it, we want to make things better and easier for you, so you can take great care of your body, mind and soul without any inconvenience or hassle. We strive to give you all the tools to support and nurture your Yoga Lifestyle, so you can unveil your highest potential and shine.
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Our vows to you:

1. We guide your Yoga practice with east-to-follow yoga videos by some of the best yoga teachers in the world. With lots of variables to choose from, you can find your perfect-match classes to meet your needs, in the comfort and quiet of your home. Unroll your mat, and choose: your duration, level, style, focus, teacher and language. Then breathe and let it all go... we do the thinking. You move and feel, we guide.
2. We support you, motivate you and coach you all along the way. Not only are your questions, comments and doubts are always answered, but we also send you regular recommendations, tips and love.
3. We provide flexible pricing plans so you can choose your level of commitment according to your needs. If you’re not sure, just get a Free Membership and pay for individual videos!
4. We inspire your Yoga Lifestyle beyond the mat: with Nutrition programs, insightful articles, healthy recipes, yogi interviews and more.
5. We find the best yoga studios, teachers, retreats and other yoga activities for you to thrive if you choose to practice offline.

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Why we do this

The world needs YOU in your best version, your highest potential.
Because we believe in Yoga and Healthy Nutrition as incredibly powerful tools to help you uncover your highest potential. We want you to have access to it all the time, all the way.

How do we create the content?

Yogin' it is built with the invaluable help of the Yogin' it Family: a wide variety of amazing yogis and other healh experts – all great people we trust profoundly and who share our passion to spread the benefits of yoga around the world. We offer an exchange to the Yogin' it Family members: they contribute to spreading the benefits of yoga by adding inspiring / helpful content to the website (video classes, content for our blog, recommendations on their favorite yoga experiences around the world, interviews, etc) and in exchange we support them, by giving them global exposure.

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Join us!
If you are a yoga teacher or health expert and would like to apply to join our family, please send us an email at
How to reach us
Send us an email at

Thanks so much for Yogin' it with us!