Fed up by now?

Sonia Ribas Posted in Yoga, Lifestyle Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Dear yogis,

Yes, we’re getting to end of January. And yes, you feel you’ve ruined your New Year Resolutions. And yes, I feel the same: I am fed up. Fed up of setting myself up for failure… why do I do this to myself?

Well, here’s my reflection. Instead of cursing my resolutions and beating myself up for dropping them so quickly, I am readjusting them. No, I don’t need to eat healthy “all the time”. Instead, I’ll do my best to eat healthy 70% of the time. No, I don’t  have to do a full practice yoga session every single day. Instead, I’ll jump on the mat for 10 minutes and see how I feel: that can totally be it. No, I don’t need to finish my eternal to-do-list every day. Instead, I’ll set up more reasonable goals and focus on the ONE thing that needs to be done per day.

In a nutshell: I am toning my resolutions down, to MY reality and MY life. And that makes me feel way happier and fulfilled.

On that note, I’d like to share a short video with you, by my friend, rock star “yoga teacher’s teacher” Dana Flynn, co-founder of Laughing Lotus in NYC and SF.  She’s NOT your conventional, soft-spoken, angelical yoga teacher. Hell no. He’s loud, eccentric, authentic and unique! Listen to her 3 tips on building your yoga practice at home: my favorite is number 2. 

If you’re fed up about resolutions like me, I invite you to re-adjust them to YOU. Be YOU. Do YOU.

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