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Yoginit Posted in Yoga, Lifestyle Tuesday, 16 January 2018


This week we are sharing a special interview, it’s one of those where you get goose bumps… because every message deeply resonates with you. Ray Rizzo is a yoga teacher, musician, published author and member of the Yogin' it Family.

He offered us a rich interview, full of eye opening, inspiring insights. I would like to highlight 2 of them, and invite all of us to reflect and aim for the balance between them.

1- “I hope to contribute with meaningful music to the great orchestra that is this life".

2- “Don’t take yourself too serious. At the end of the day, laugh, take yourself lightly ”.

As yogis, sometimes we tend to take life very seriously and constantly question our improvement, our development, our contribution. This is greatly needed, but let’s remember to ENJOY the experience of being alive and, as Ray says, “keep it real”.

And now, over to you: how do you achieve this balance between this 2 pulling forces? Share your stories / comments with us!

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