Reconnecting with Our Spirit

Alan Finger Posted in Yoga, Lifestyle Sunday, 14 January 2018


We are all born from a unified field intelligence that is beyond what we can imagine. It is infinite. We cannot conceive of infinity because our minds create boundaries. We are born from this energy, and our spirit is what causes us to be here and exist. When spirit is occupying us, we are conscious, aware, and alive. The trouble is that our consciousness, the expression of our spirit, becomes bombarded with vrittis. Vritti is a Sanskrit word that roughly means “thought,” but vrittis are more than just thoughts. They are everything to do with the mental realm: fear, insecurity, and desire, as well as thoughts themselves. 

Think of your consciousness as a lake. The movement of vritti energy is wind causing the water on the lake to ripple. When our consciousness is quiet, the waves of thought cease and we see clearly enough to relate back to our spirit. We connect with who we really are. It’s tricky to uncover this connection because as soon as we are born into this life we have consciousness, awareness. And what do we do because we have this awareness? We start immediately to reason, to create like and dislikes…we think. Once the mind begins, so too do vrittis. We believe we are our thoughts — what occupies our consciousness — but we are not! Think again about the lake. As soon as the wind becomes still, the lake can reflect the whole sky, the stars, the trees. We too can reflect that unbound intelligence, which is our spirit, our essence, and who we really are. This is what we all so deeply desire — to be inspired, to heal, to be complete.

In order to connect with spirit we must develop tapas, or inner heat. Tapas helps us to dissolve the stuff that occupies the mind. We need to be able to develop heat to concentrate, to find discipline in our concentration, and to dissolve all the vrittis and the beliefs that we form. Yogis developed bandhas, mudras, and kriya techniques to develop and direct this heat in order to get beyond thoughts, emotions, vrittis. We learn to develop tapas and use this heat to bring our consciousness to the place it needs to be to feel the energy from which we are born. Reconnecting with that intelligence, that unified field of wisdom, is what kriya yoga is all about. 

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