Yogic Boost All Levels Dharma Yoga Master Class

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Generic Yoga | Vinyasa | Hatha | Sri Dharma Mittra


Divine knowledge will slowly purify the mind by removing doubts. This instantly triggers inner peace and spiritual bliss, and this is the gradual beginning of the end of pain and delusion. Thus, one gets lots of enthusiasm to deal with life. An expertly sequenced Dharma Yoga mostly Asana practice designed to exercise, rejuvenate and energize body, mind and soul. Yogic Boost All Levels Master Class is ideal for daily, regular study and for those special occasions when you want to stretch and go deeper. Amazing postures to elevate the state of consciousness and promote radiant health and energy are shared including the elusive Tiger Pose and a sequence of preparatory poses to help you achieve the full posture, as well as Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa to warm up the physical body and move energy in the subtle body and the main poses to help bring you radiant health and settle the mind. Maha Mantras (sacred sounds) affect the body, mind and touch the soul, purify the intellect, trigger spiritual bliss and stimulate the Chakras. During a brief period of meditation in Shavasana, body and material sensation will gradually disappear and even the mind will be set into silence. Constant practice leads to success. “There is no other thing in this world that would please me more than to, with all my love, share this Divine Knowledge with you.” (Sri Dharma Mittra). Cast: Sri Dharma Mittra, Kim Jeblick, Melanie Jess, Dov Vargas and Yoshio Hama. Produced by Rick Kariolic (www.flagrantpro.com).



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