Dancing Warrior 1008 For Beginners

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Vinyasa | Pre-Natal | Post-Natal | Twee Merrigan


Join Twee (and her special surprise guest) as she guides you through a Prana Flow® beginner variation of Dancing Warrior 1008 Namaskaram (salutation) filmed in a very lovely and peaceful setting in a Balinese Chateau. Her consistent reminder to follow an even breathing pattern throughout the practice helps the practitioner to stay focused on both form and fluidity from beginning, middle, to end. Her calming and trusted guidance blends hand mudras, core cultivation, balancing, seated and supine postures with moments to pause and enjoy short reflections and seated meditations. This practice can also be enjoyed by prenatal and postnatal practitioners. Music by Yogin' it Family members Edo and Jo (www.edoandjo.com). Produced by Jason Moon (www.moonbaseproductions.co.nz).



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