You Are A Yoga Master

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Generic Yoga | Vinyasa | Hatha | Twee Merrigan


"You are a yoga master....of your own life’s experience." "If you are just beginning your journey, you will find many yoga masters, and they'll find you. Everyone will have a different answer [to your questions]. That's why it's you who must look inside for what feels right for you, in this moment, as it might change, in 3 days, 3 months, 3 years. Listen to the wisdom inside of you, as the yoga master reveals herself, himself, to the silence." Twee guides us through a beginner movement meditation with several moments to pause, reflect, witness, and have our own experience, without any guidance from the outside on how it should be. She offers a simple slow flow including grounding standing postures, spiraling hip openers, generous side leans, and Ganesha & Hanuman mudras, all helping us to embrace our authentic experience with integrity, the courage to align ourselves to Truth, not only in range and in form within the postures, but in each moment of our daily living. Mat Placement Suggestion: Q. Where to place your yoga mat for a mandala practice like this? ...turning in all four directions? A. Enjoy practicing with your yoga mat placed either perpendicular or parallel to the screen and experience what feels right for you at this moment :) Enjoy your own experience today, yoga master... Props: 1 or 2 yoga blocks. Filmed by Agathe Padovani @ifilmyoga.



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