Coming Home. Part 1/1

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Class number 1 of program: Coming and Staying Home


"Home can be found anywhere, with one truthful breath." Beginner level vinyasa flow class peaking towards pinchamayurasana preparation. With the help of two yogini friends practicing and demonstrating behind her, Twee, Karin, & Kelly offer three variations of asanas at any one given time, throughout the sequence building up to a peak pose of fore arm balance preparation (pinchamayurasana prep). As one progresses within their own experience of a particular asana (in range and in spaciousness of breath) they can continue to use the same practice until they are ready to begin the intermediate version of Coming Home...called... Staying Home. Four hand mudras are introduced both within the flow and in still meditation to enhance the experience of going within, of coming home. Anjali, Inner Heart Temple, Garuda, & Dhyani. Teacher Tool: 2 Pinchamayurasana Hands-on assists. Emphasis on language to maintain the empty calm spacious feeling (especially when practicing inversions and or arm balances) Props: 1 or 2 yoga blocks. Filmed by Agathe Padovani @ifilmyoga.



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