About the Program

3 Classes.

The Total Yoga Program

by Kino MacGregor

Build core and upper body strength, relax your hips and open your backbends with Kino MacGregor's Total Yoga Program. Perfect for all levels of yoga students. If you’re new this is a well-rounded practice to establish you in the yoga method. If you’re already familiar with yoga this series of three videos will teach out fundamental technique and alignment to deepen your practice.

Meditation, Hip Opening and Leg Strengthening
$ 4.99

Happy and peaceful

The journey into the hips requires a calm mind and a relaxed body. Join this class to understand the anatomical basis for external hip rotation. Start off with a meditati...
Core Strength, Upper Body and Inversions
$ 4.99

Full power

Strength is first a decision in your mind not to quit, no matter how difficult it might seem. Test your mental and physical endurance by toning the core and activating th...
Backbends and Twists
$ 4.99

Release and recharge

Let go of tightness and fear around your back and find new found openness in your hips and heart. Backbending involved bending over backwards with your entire body. Learn...
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