About the Program

3 Classes.

Learn to Meditate

by Alan Finger

In this unique program, Yogiraj Alan Finger shares his legendary knowledge and experience on Meditation. Learn it all from one of the best Yoga & Meditation masters: tips, how to breathe and how to achieve the desired "Meditation state". Feel relaxed, refreshed, focused and enlightened.

Before getting started

Tips for Meditation

Imagine a lake with lots of fluctuations on the water: if the water becomes still, we can see the beautiful reflection of trees and the stars. In this video, Yogiraj Alan...
All about the Breath
$ 4.99

How breath affects meditation

Do you find yourself trying to meditate and not sure how to breathe to enter “Samadhi”(the state of Yoga)? In this video, Yogiraj Alan Finger takes you through the pe...
The state of
$ 4.99

How to reach a meditative state

Join Yogiraj Alan Finger on this session and learn how to “Meditate”; how to stop the fluctuations of the mind that occur and disturb us from experiencing “Samadhi...
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