Hot 8 Yoga

| Variety of styles, specializing in variations of Hot Yoga


  • Street: 1422A 2nd St (Santa Monica)
  • Street 2: 8383 Wilshire Blvd #75 (Beverly Hills)
  • City: Santa Monica and Beverly Hills
  • State: CA
  • Country: United States


There's thousands of yoga studios in LA. Only 1 of them has seduced me to the point that I call it my "home Studio", which is very rare with me :-)

If you're into hot yoga, fitness yoga or just a fun, sweaty, yoga workout, Hot 8 Yoga is for you. It has been voted the Best Yoga Studio in LA's HOT LIST 2014 and I'm not surpised. 

Here's the 3 reasons why I recommend it:

1- Great variety of yoga styles, including traditional hot yoga (Bikram style), hot power fusion -a 1 hour combination of Bikram postured with some fun vinyasa-, power yoga -more creative vinyasa style-, yoga barre (very popular in LA at the moment: combination of ballet, yoga and fitness with weights), yoga sculpt (fast-paced, high-pitch music & weights) and yin yoga. My personal favorite is Hot Power Fusion: if you're over Bikram and slow-moving Hot Hatha yoga, check it out!

2- Great teachers. I haven't tried them all, but so far my favorites are:

  • for Hot Power Fusion: Layna Dakin (if you're looking for a fun, creative, kick-ass vinyasa + Bikram combination, with spiritual yet down-to-earth insights) and Kellie St.Pierre (pictures below with her) if you want some TLC (tender, loving care) and a more predictable, soft practice. Lately, I am combining these 2 teachers and been experiencing the most amazing, peaceful, happy state of mind. I have also heard Bianca is amazing, still have to try her classes.
  • for Yoga Sculpt: Leigh Wakeford: amazing kiss-ass class with weights, cardio and great music.
  • for Yoga Barre: Nancy Norby (1st pic with her below). She's been teaching Barre forever and is super fun, sweet and effective. Her pearl necklace is fabulous, especially at 107 degrees and running around the class!

3- Approach. Not too physical, not too spiritual. I would call it, "practical spirituality". Through the class, teachers offer spiritual insights but always in a practical way, which is easy to take into your daily life and put into practice. 

4- Look and feel. It is beautiful and looks clean. Full-wall mirrors, nice anti-bacterial floors and background music. Not super fancy, but modern, functional and clean. They sell great apparel too :-)

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Sonia Ribas for Yogin' it

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