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The world needs YOU in your best version, your highest potential.
We know you lead a busy life and taking care of yourself can be challenging, so we are here to make things easier and better for you. We bring the best yoga classes, motivation and loving care to the comfort and privacy of your home. No matter your needs, level or taste, there’s a home practice waiting for you. Enjoy the Aaaah-mazing benefits of yoga and get loving support all along the way.

Be the best version of YOUrself and share it with the world!

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Featured interview

  • Alan Finger


    Yogiraj Alan Finger is the founder of ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) and member of the Yogin' it Family. We had the honor to spend a morning with Alan Finger in his apartment in NYC. He shared with us his incredible biography: he has not learned yoga, he has lived it since he was a child. Alan is genuine, compassionate and loving. He beautifully combines spiritual insights with scientific, biological explanations as to why practicing asana, meditation, breathing techniques, tantra and practicing stillness for 18 minutes a day is so benefitial. He has a positive, calming, yet incredibly powerful energy: 100% kapha. Thanks Alan for your wisdom, generosity and light.


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