Transform your Life with Detox to Replenish

Sonia Ribas Thursday, 13 April 2017


Are you ready to say goodbye to fatigue, a few unwanted pounds, bloating, gas and persistent headaches?

Are you ready to boost your Health and Happiness to the next level?

The time is NOW. Welcome to Detox to Replenish, a revolutionary 30-day lifestyle program that will rock your life for good!

We’ve teamed up with Marisa Silverman ("Raw Fit Girl"), an amazing Health Coach, personal trainer and yogi… and come up with a fun, inspiring program made just for our yoga community.

We know your life is BUSY! There is so much going on. Between work, school, kids, family, friends, hobbies, and activities, there is very little time to spare. You don’t have much time to prepare your meals, which means you can end up falling for fast, convenient foods, lacking in nutritional value, that make you feel bloated, sick, heavy and off-balance. This is NOT like any other diet you’ve tried in the past… this is a game-changing, flexible program that will meet you where you are and upgrade you to the next level… without feeling deprived, bored or depressed. Through this 30-day program, we will be sharing amazing recipes, and teaching you efficient, easy and fun ways to prepare your food, so you receive nothing but the best nutrition.

In no time, you’ll feel a Boost of Energy, Radiance and Love your New You!

Our program is structured and supported by 4 tools:

  • In-depth Weekly Guides. Every week you will receive a guide with all your food options, organized on both a weekly and daily basis.
  • Detailed recipes. Healthy, fun, easy, delicious.
  • Support videos to cover everything you need to know: tools, recipes, inspiration and good vibes
  • Unconditional support: every week we will send you an email with extra tips and juicy discounts we managed to secure with our favorite healthy and organic brands, exclusive for Yogin’ it Members. Also, Marisa and I will be available 24/7 for questions, concerns and feedback. Last but not least, through our community, we will guide and support you to the very best of our abilities.

As this is such a revolutionary program, Detox to Replenish (with all its materials) is exclusive to Yogin’ it Annual Unlimited Members…. But guess what? As we really want you to join us and experience this amazing transformation, we have a surprise for you: a discount code (only valid for 2 weeks), which will give you 30% off your 1st year of Annual Membership! This is a unique opportunity to take your Health and Yoga practice to the next level: get Unlimited Yoga & Meditation videos, schedule your classes, set your goals and track your practice, save your favorite classes, interact with teachers and enjoy unrestricted access to the whole Yogin’ it Platform and Community… now for only $99!

If you’re not registered yet, you can register here:

  • Select Annual Unlimited Membership.
  • Type Gift_Detox and follow checkout.

If you are a Free Member and want to upgrade to Annual Unlimited with the discount code, follow these 2 simple steps:

Login and go to Redeem a coupon.

Type Gift_Detox and follow checkout process.

If you are a Monthly Unlimited Member, follow these 2 simple steps:

  • Login, go to My Membership status and downgrade to Free Membership. You’ll receive a confirmation email.
  • Email us and we’ll adjust your account so you can upgrade to Annual Membership immediately.
  • While logged in, go to Redeem a coupon.
  • Type Gift_Detox and follow the checkout process.

Once you’ve upgraded your membership to Annual Unlimited, email us and we’ll send your Welcome Package and preparation instructions.

We can’t wait for you to join us and start your Healthy Transformation… your New You is awaiting!

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

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